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The Salvation Army
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Graphic design / Brand rollout / Digital Strategy / UX & UI Design / Digital Development / Marketing / Content Management
Tasked with rejuvenating all digital touch-points with a big dash of design, Mango Chutney was thrilled to assist with the revitalisation of The Salvation Army's heartwarming winter fundraising event for their community service programs.
Fundraising Powers
Paired with a custom built iOS fundraising app, participants across Australia and New Zealand took on the challenge to replace every meal with soup for a week, to raise much needed funds for families in need, many struggling on less than $17 a day.
Identity and UI/UX
Mango Chutney developed a highly stylised campaign brand, complete with bright comic book colour palette and iconic typography, and tailored the digital experience to provide a friendly, easily accessible fundraising experience.
367c Magill Road
St Morris, SA, 5068
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